When the end comes rushing up at you, and everything you thought was real starts to fall away, you consider the meaning of the life that you lived, and you realize that the only thing that means a damn thing at the end is what you loved. And you think of who you’ve love, and you let it take you home.

Aidan Waite (Being Human-4x13 There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 3)


What are they like? Tell me about them

Well I won’t tell you everything cause I don’t know who you are. One is 30, a nurse and a bartender. He’s so awesome, words can’t describe it. He’s sweet, funny, caring, we have a lot of the same interests. He cracks me up!
The other guy is 21, a bartender and in training to be a manager at a liquor store, and he goes to lsus, he’s a sweetheart, he treats me well, he makes me laugh, they both compliment me constantly, and are gorgeous. So now you see why I can’t just choose one. :/


How'd you meet them?

I met them both last weekend downtown. My friend’s were playing “have you met Megan?!” all night, it was hilarious! I met them at the last club we went to before we went home. It’s a pretty long story.


So u have a bf now?

Well anon, if you must know..yes and no. There’s actually 2 guys in my life right now. They both seem so perfect, and they treat me well. It’s crazy how I met them. I’m very very happy! :)