We’re all hiding something, aren’t we? From the moment we wake, look in that mirror, all we do is spin our little lies. Suck in that gut, color that hair, twist off that wedding ring. And why not? What’s the penalty? What are the consequences, really? “I’m only human,” you say, and all is forgiven. But what if some cruel twist of fate makes you something else, something other? Who forgives you then? Every human spends a night or two on the dark side and regrets it. But what if you only exist on the dark side? We just want the same things that you do: a chance at life, at love. We’re not so different in that way. And so we try and sometimes fail. But when you’re something other, a monster, the consequences are worse. Much worse. You wake up from your nightmares. We don’t.

Aidan (Being Human- S1E1-There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 1)


Your bf is a bartender?

Yeah, and he’s amazing at it! It’s only on the weekends. He has another job weekdays. :)

My friend just sent me this from Saturday night at Chicago. I look confused haha


KiD CuDi - Erase Me (ft. KanYe West)

It’s like I’m her new nightmare, she ain’t escaping
It makes me feel a bit complete
Knowing someone you love don’t feel the same way about ya
Memories they soon delete

Heard this tonight, forgot how good this is..